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Master the nuances and make English your instinct! Feel relaxed and confident in both your professional and personal life!

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Because your English is good; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, right?

But in your eyes, it’s not good enough.

You want more.

You want to reach your full potential in English.

You want to master English so that you can feel relaxed and confident in both your professional and personal life.

But, while it’s easy to make progress in English at the early stages, going from ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ English can be really hard.

This is something that many learners have discovered on their own or with traditional learning methods.

We’ve created a brand new programme that will help you break through the intermediate
plateau and reach a C1 level in English in just 3 months.

For most students, this is the ultimate goal.

Many students never achieve it…
But you can!

If you’re ready for a challenge, at least…


If you said yes to any one of these, then you’re in the right place!

Why learn C1 with me?


My name is Lucy Bella Simkins and I am your British English teacher!
I am passionate about teaching real, correct English with beautiful British pronunciation.
Over 15 million students enjoy my YouTube, Instagram and email lessons every month, and tens of thousands have benefitted from my in-depth online programmes.
I train my students to sound natural, confident, and fluent. Pronunciation and nuance are priorities in my courses – we start with a profound focus on these two often-neglected topics from day 1! 

Because I know what it takes to smash through that intermediate plateau and reach native-level fluency in another language.

It’s a real challenge.

But if you focus on the points that I’ll show you next, you’ll see that reaching a C1 level is possible.

And it can be bloody good fun!

Impossible to speak like a native?

It’s true that when you learn English as an adult, it’s nearly impossible to really come across as a native speaker.

For some students, sounding like a native speaker is totally irrelevant — they just want to speak clearly and be understood!

Other students simply adore British English and want to get as close to native-sounding as possible.

We cater to both goals in this programme.

There’s one big secret that most learners don’t know and most teachers don’t focus on…

Besides mastering pronunciation (that one is obvious — pronunciation is a huge focus in this programme), there’s another trick, and it’s a big feature in this programme. It goes beyond standard grammar and vocabulary lessons.

Let me introduce to you…

The Beautiful British English C1 Programme

The Beautiful British English C1 Programme is a 12-week course designed to take your English to the next level.

We will take you from upper-intermediate (B2) English to advanced English (C1), as defined by the CEFR.

We also cover a lot of C2-level content, so you may even go beyond C1!

At C1 level, you will be able to talk to native speakers fluently and easily.

We will tweak your already-good English skills so that you can move towards perfection and native-like fluency.

By joining these 5 skills; grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing and spoken English, you will be prepared for fluency!

This programme is unlike any other.

Let me show you!


Let me explain.

Have you ever been in a group situation where someone says something that is seemingly meaningless…

And everyone laughs apart from you?

Often it’s due to a very subtle but impactful concept:


Nuances are the subtle differences in meaning between words, phrases, grammatical structures and ideas. These shades of meaning might seem small, but they can greatly affect how we understand what is being said.

Once you master these, you can express yourself in exactly the way you want and sound completely natural whilst doing it.

So… how do you nail the nuances?

This is exactly what we teach you in this programme!

We focus on the small-but-impactful grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation tweaks that will make you sound undeniably natural in English.

British humour relies heavily on nuance. Understanding humour is an incredibly useful social opportunity. It’s how people connect and build bridges. You might be missing social cues for connection! In this programme, we have an entire module on British humour and a focus on how nuance affects language interpretation throughout!

Pronunciation as a Priority!

Pronunciation is integrated throughout the programme so that you eliminate bad habits and form good habits from day 1.

Many students receive bad pronunciation education in their formative years of learning English. This leaves them with bad habits that are difficult to unlearn.

In my classes, we break bad habits and focus on correct pronunciation.

We follow these steps:

We focus on individual sounds.

We look at how the sounds join together.

We analyse how words connect and how native speakers really talk!

It’s a simple concept, but it’s often neglected in the classroom.

In my classroom, it is always a focus.

This way, you can speak clearly and be understood by native speakers.

I can even guide you to speak like a native (if that is truly your goal!)

Either way, you will be able to fit in and live life speaking
and sounding the way you want!.

This programme focuses a lot on pronunciation and natural spoken English, two things that can help you to improve your fluency and confidence.


Become Effortlessly Fluent through Real Conversations!

We take conversations and break them down so that you understand 100% of the words and 100% of their implied meaning!

Each week we analyse an interesting conversation with an important person in my life. The topics we speak about, you will experience too!

This conversation analysis technique allows you to
move from good English to native-level English fast!

The course is absolutely incredible, I love everything about it, the pdfs, mindmaps, I really loved the conversation lessons, I find them so helpful, because we had a chance to hear native speakers during real, natural conversations. I’m a huge fan of Lucy’s courses!


I just wanted to congratulate you on creating the course and wanted to let you know I absolutely love it already, especially your conversation with your husband, Will. It feels so honest, humble and pure, and it’s so encouraging! Thanks for sharing this personal experience with us! And the rest is fantastic, too! I can honestly say, I haven’t expected this load of valuable content, so I feel privileged to take part in this programme! Well done everyone!


How does it work?

First, watch the 10-minute conversation with no subtitles! We show you key vocabulary on screen, with the pronunciation transcriptions.

Download the vocabulary and transcript PDF to check your understanding of the new vocabulary!

Take the conversation lesson activities! We take clips from the conversation and analyse the grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and spoken English.

My students love this method because:

Learn through a story to keep interested and motivated!

We’ve employed a brand new method to keep you motivated throughout this programme.

The entire programme comes in a story format that develops over the course of 12 weeks.

Every reading and listening tells part of the story. You won’t want to miss a single week!

Why over 19,000 students love to learn with me:

In the C1 Programme, I have used these 3 proven pillars to help you achieve fluency faster!


When you learn English with me, I make pronunciation your priority. Why? It makes you feel confident and ready to speak from Day 1. I integrate pronunciation into all of my lessons. I teach you how to read phonetic transcriptions so you’ll know how to pronounce every word immediately!


You’ve got the essentials in English grammar. In the C1 Programme, we tweak your grammar and teach you the native-like nuances so that you are no longer just an English learner but a totally fluent, highly accurate English speaker… for the rest of your life!


In this course, we’re going to analyse a series of video conversations with interesting people in my life. We’re going to analyse each part of these conversations so that you can understand and learn every single word, expression and pronunciation feature. You will learn real, natural British English as we speak it on a daily basis.

I’ve already enrolled in B1 and B2 courses and they brought me a lot of joy and I see how much my English has improved, so I don’t want to stop and want to continue with a C1.


What is in the course?

Here’s what you’ll get:






(We use different colours for Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary lessons to help your memory and retention)


We’ve created a premium package for those who want personal feedback on their writing, speaking and pronunciation.
With this package, you’ll get homework tasks that you can submit to our teachers. You’ll receive personal feedback on your writing and speaking, including pronunciation advice. This is a great way to make sure you are on the right track. Feedback makes the learning process so much easier!

If you feel shy, you can always swap your speaking homework with writing homework. See how you feel! We’re here to support you.

I joined the programme with VIP feedback and I cherished all the corrections. I made progress from exercise to exercise.


12 weeks passed just like that. It was a great experience, thank you so much.

I appreciated the answers to my VIP homework the most. I was able to benefit from this in a significant way.


I learned a lot of new things, checked my knowledge and can move forward with confidence. I highly recommend this course! Furthermore, a special recommendation of the VIP community, teachers give fast clear feedback. That's very valuable.


Is this programme for me?

My programme is for you if…

The Beautiful British English C1 Programme is not for you if…

Here’s what people say about my courses…


I find very few teachers explain the concepts of English in an engaging way as Lucy does. I also believe Lucy’s courses are the only ones that include lots of audio clips and visuals, they’ve really helped improve my memory.

My favourite part of the programme is the conversation lessons. No amount of TV dramas can demonstrate well enough how native speakers speak in real life because they’re all scripted. On the other hand, Lucy and her guests explore various practical topics in an entertaining and informative way.

I took both your courses, B1 and B2, and I’m jumping for joy because I got back into action with English language. Better late than never. My final exam is just around the corner. At first it was all Greek to me but after a few weeks all felt into place. Step by step I rose the bar and I took the bull by the horns and I hope that I will pass the exam with flying colors. I enjoy listening to all conversations in this program and new vocabulary. Your teachers are great and very helpful. It will brighten my day when I start C1 course. Finding your YouTube channel was a blessing in disguise. Thank you!



I am very grateful for having me on board in this learning journey. Thank our educator, Lucy, she is very professional in the field. Her teaching is precisely creative, resourceful and fun. Every lesson is detailedly explained that helps students to learn, understand and improve quickly and very well. She has helped me to excel my language’s skills so far. Once again, thank you very much for your time, effort and dedication to students’ education.

It’s incredibly fun and unbelievably comprehensive. I was unsatisfied with my school course so I chose this one instead and I couldn’t have made a better decision. The course allows you to expand your vocabulary, perfect your grammar and overall just make a huge progress. All of that with guidance of Lucy and her lovely team.
+ Thanks to its interactivity I find it really ADHD-friendly. Highly recommended! 😊



That’s been an incredible journey for me! This experience will definitely help me in the future. If you enroll, you won’t regret it, as Lucy and her staff are amazing and open people that are always ready to help you understand your mistakes. Not only you will improve your level of English, but also broaden your cultural knowledge about the UK and become aware of the differences between American and British English. This programme is perfect!

Lucy is a fantastic teacher, and she explains everything in an extremely clear, simple and enjoyable way. My vocabulary has expanded a lot, and now I feel more confident when I have to express myself in English. So I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their English.




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100% Risk Free

My relationship with my students is built on trust. I offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee on all courses. If you complete under 20% and don't like it, I will give you a refund. I want to help you, and I want you to be happy!


You need to have a B2 level of English — upper-intermediate. This course will train you to master the C1 level. This course is also suitable for C1-level students who want to improve further, as we include a lot of C2-level content. As a rule, if you can understand most of what I say in my videos without subtitles, you are ready for this course.

We release 1 module each week. The first module is released after you purchase. The final week is released 12 weeks after you start, with the final exam being released the following week. After that, you have lifetime access to the course materials. If you don’t wish to start the programme straight away. Please send our team an email on info@epiphanylanguagestudios.co.uk.

Yes. You have lifetime access to the course content. You can keep the course materials forever. The course community runs for 16 weeks, so you have an extra 4 weeks after the final module is released.

There are no live classes. You don’t have to wait for the teacher to get to the point, and you certainly don’t have to wait for an annoying classmate to stop demanding the teacher’s attention. You can take the lessons at your own pace (you will never lose access to them). The programme includes over 60 lesson videos, with written lesson notes and interactive activities. You have 16 weeks of access to the course community, where you can contact teachers to ask questions and clarify doubts.

Yes. You have lifetime access to the course content. You can keep the course materials forever.

You have the option to join the VIP Feedback Pack. With this premium pack, you have formal weekly homework and access to a VIP space in the community for personal teacher contact. You have both speaking and writing homework where you can submit writing for corrections and personal feedback and speaking recordings for language and pronunciation feedback (you can choose to switch to only writing, but pronunciation feedback is extremely valuable).

Yes! In the course community, you can ask questions and clarify doubts, but the teachers will not offer a correction or feedback service.

Yes, there is a final exam.

Yes, you will get a certificate of completion when you complete all of the course lessons. However, your final score will not be displayed on the certificate.

You need to dedicate at least 2 study sessions per week (each weekly module is divided into 2.) You can study a little every day if that suits you best.

Yes! This course is totally different to most C1 programmes. We look deeply into grammatical nuance, pronunciation and conversation. We include a lot of C2-level themes.

As this C1 programme covers so much C2 content, we have no plans to release a C2 Programme. We find that most students who ask for a C2 programme could actually benefit from a C1 programme.

You must be over the age of 16 to join this programme.

We have 2 packages. The Self-Study Pack and The VIP Feedback Pack. The normal price for The Self-Study Pack is $299 and for the VIP Feedback Pack it’s $449.

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